Winter Maintenance Tip: Sweeping Snow off Shallow Roofs

Sweeping Snow off Shallow Roofs

This year a lot of very cold weather with lots of snow has made its way through already cold territories. To protect your home during these snow situations it is best to remove any snow on shallow roofs.  Snow becomes impacted, wet and heavy creating so much weight on low shallow roofs by that the snow’s weight can actually cause damage to the home.  In cases where you have snow on low shallow roofs, it is good practice sweeping snow off shallow roofs to remove the snow. This will prevent the snow from damaging your home.

Removal of the snow can be dangerous, so be very careful if you are going to do this yourself. You may want to consider hiring a professional to do this for you.


One option is to climb on your roof and push all the snow off the roof onto the ground making sure no one is in range of the snow. Another option if you do not feel comfortable climbing your roof, is to hire a professional to assist you.  In these cases always remember ladder and safety associated with roofs and icy conditions.

Another option if you do not want to climb your roof is to invest in a tool called a roof rake.  It is a metal plate at the end of a long telescoping pole, where you can drag snow off your roof while remaining on the ground. There is even another tool we found called the Roof Cutter from Youtube user Ken Phillips.  On one side, it has two small metal rods that helps cut through the snow.  Then you reverse the tool to the rake side, and the snow comes down easier.

With any of these options remember safety.  Bundle up with hats, gloves and coats because it is probably still cold outside, stay a relatively safe distance from the snow, wear boots or other footwear to give you a stable stand, and keep others away from the snow as you are completing this maintenance project.  To learn more about winter maintenance tips visit, HomeZada’s library of maintenance tips.