What does your Front Door Say?

Your front door can be the first thing most visitors learn about your personality. The style of door and the color of your front door can set the stage for what is to come at guests enter your home.


Using colors to depict personality is easy using paint. If you want to create a look of safety and harmony, use tree green for your front door color. When you want to reflect or embrace a calm or relaxing environment, add blue to your door. If creativity and thinking out of the box is your style …. a world opens with purple.  With that said, yellow depicts wisdom, confidence and curiosity while orange is for outgoing people. And red introduces a vibrant and exciting ambiance with black showcasing strength and sophistication.  A brown door can mean warm, stability and reliability but also privacy. While white doors are equated to purity and serenity.


Specific materials can also send a message to your guests. For some, doors of steel or fiberglass can be painted and depict a message. These doors can also have no windows or many showcasing an openness and trust about your personality. While, wood doors are heavy and often have a more traditional feel but depending on the door, you can have a fully wood door indicating a strong presence in the home. Now, wrought iron doors are unique in that they can act as a gateway into and out of the home if they also have glass associated with the doors.

Your front door and your entryway are great ways to introduce your personality onto new visitors.  For more doors visit our HomeZada Pinterest Board Daring Doors.