Decorating with Sunshine and Smiles

What can you say about the color yellow? It is used often in baby’s rooms and often forgotten about in other rooms in a home. But yellow brings joy and happiness to a room. Yellow represents sunshine and smiles. The sunny side of yellow always brings so many smiles to people. It illicit feelings of happiness and warmth. It has a freshness about it and has been said that it can help boost metabolism. So if you are trying to lose weight, add yellow to your walls.  Because it feels like sunshine! And we think it brings smiles! And who doesn’t want to smile!  Especially heading into spring. Here is some fun use of yellow in home decor.  It certainly makes us smile!

Uses of Sunshine Decor

Yellow walls may be a bit much for some homes. So try using yellow accents to add color to a room. Try a yellow door or sofa. Try yellow pillows or lamps. Yellow rugs are fun to place in a room. Try yellow tiles or try a yellow chandelier.

Still not thrilled with yellow in your home in a big way. Try using yellow dishes as a way to bring yellow into the home. Or add yellow accent towels to highlight a room.