7 Awesome 3D Printed Decor Items For Your Coffee Table

Guest blogger, Karen Fernandes

If your coffee table is looking a little empty at the moment I’d like to talk to you about some things you can use to brighten it up. But these items come with a slight twist. They’ve all been manufactured using a 3D printer. And I think you’ll love at least one or two of them.

An iPad stand

When you’re hard at work on your iPad you might not want to sit with it on your knee. But if you’re going to put it on your coffee table you’ll need a stand. This Infinite Sisu stand looks beautiful and it will keep your iPad upright while you’re working. I know there are lots of iPad stands on the market. But this one will make a beautiful ornament when it’s lying on your table on its own.

3D Printed Decor

Cool speakers

If you have an HTC phone you might want to look at these amazing 3D printed Gramahorn 2 speakers because they’ll look great on your coffee table. And you’ll get to listen to all the amazing music on your phone. They’re shaped in a special way that will amplify the sound coming from your phone speakers. So you just need to hook them up and they’re ready to go.

3D Printed Decor

Shot glass crawler

This is another one of those items that will look good when it’s sitting on its own. But it wasn’t just printed out to look good. It’s actually a little shot glass you can use to drink alcohol out of. When you’re having a party at your home and it’s time to move onto the shots you just need to reach for your shot glass crawler and you can start filling it with tequila or whatever else you like to drink.

3D Printed Decor

Steve Jobs bust

I know tech lovers are going to love this little ornamental figure and the rest of you probably don’t know who Steve Jobs is. But it’s a cool item to have on your coffee table. The retro-style design is like something you’d expect to see on ancient computers. Maybe you can turn to it for inspiration when you’re looking to build your own company.

3D Printed Decor

A fruit bowl

If you don’t have a fruit bowl on your coffee table at the moment you should look for one that has been printed. They come in lots of beautiful designs. And even though they might look like normal fruit bowls you’ll still be embracing the future by owning one. Your living room will also look a lot more colorful once you start putting different pieces of fruit inside your bowl.

3D Printed Decor

Plastic flowers

I know you’ll already have experience with plastic flowers and they’re usually not as good as the real thing. But these Mazzo di Fiori 3D printer flowers are in a world of their own. They will look gorgeous on your coffee table and you’ll like them better than the real thing. So could things like printed flowers be part of the new home designs we’ll see in the future?

3D Flower Vase

The last one we looked at is obviously very expensive and you’ll only be able to buy the 3D flowers if you’re rich. But you will always have enough money to buy a stylish flower vase. The good thing about this vase is that you’ll be able to stick real flowers in it. And it might not be obvious because of the design but it will hold water so your flowers don’t die quickly.

3D Printed Decor

What will they come up with next?

I’m sure you already realize this is just the beginning and in a few years time we’ll probably see millions of amazing objects coming out of 3D printers. If you like the look of anything we’ve spoken about today you should pick them up to see what you think.

Today’s guest author, Karen Fernandes, is a freelance blogger, who enjoys writing on home improvement and decoration online. Her hobbies include gardening and pottery.