Maintenance Tip: Remove Mineral Deposits From Shower Heads & Faucets

Remove Mineral Deposits

Hard water that contains minerals like calcium, magnesium carbonate and manganese can cause mineral deposit build up on your plumbing fixtures. The water pressure in your shower heads and faucets can be significantly reduced because of mineral deposits that accumulate over time. This becomes a frustration for everyone in the family. Perhaps more importantly, these mineral deposits can discolor the water and be included in the water that you use for showers, baths, and other cooking and drinking purposes. Be sure to keep your home healthy. Remove mineral deposits in your shower heads and faucets. By removing this build up, you plumbing fixtures can also work more effectively and more efficiently.

Clean shower head from mineral deposits

Remove the shower head either by unscrewing it with your hand or use a pair of channel locks. Grip the shower head using the channel locks. Soak the shower head is some white vinegar. Then brush off the lime and other deposits using a small toothbrush. A toothpick can also help remove deposits in hard to reach areas. Removing these mineral deposits will give you good clean water during your shower. Why not use the cleaning of shower heads to remove these mineral deposit.

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