Roofing Styles to Consider for Your Home

Roofing Styles

Roofs are necessary for your home to function and to protect everything inside your home however did you know that across the US different roofing styles and types are used?

Steel Roof

Steel roofs are designed for longevity and can actually help on your energy bill because the steel roof reflects heat rather than absorb it. However, energy efficiency and weather resistance comes at a high price. A definite for a long term investment.

Wood Roof

Wood roofs like red cedar are glorious with their multiple arrays of shades of color and are pretty durable. The only thing to be careful of with these roofs is to watch for debris or plant growth. And these roofs can be quite flammable unless you get a fire resistance coating is added.

Clay Roof

Clay Tiles are fire resistance and require minimal maintenance. These clay tiles are generally used in warm weather climates that support Spanish or Mediterranean style homes. These tiles can crack, yet their convenience is that they can be replaced one by one.

Slate Roof

Slate roofs have a long life span. This can be costly as slate itself is expensive due the nature of the product. Expenses can also increase because you might need to install extra support for the weight of the slate roof. This increases materials needed for the roof and the labor time.

Most homes in the US use asphalt shingles to create a sturdy and durable roof material. You can find a variety of colors in asphalt shingles. However, this roof material does not insult a home like some of the other materials and may have a shorter life span than the others.

Roofs have so many materials to consider when updating or remodeling your home and we hope these few highlights help you understand a bit more about roof materials.