Saving Space with Built-in Cabinets and Shelves

Built-in CabinetsGuest Blogger: Ashley Hardway

Whether you have thousands of square feet available for your home designing needs or live in a much smaller house, built-in cabinets and shelves can be greatly beneficial. Not only does this kind of a design allow you to utilize more floor space to promote an open feel to a room. But it can help you control various clutter. Instead of a plain wall with a portrait hanging on it, you could have a complete bookshelf system adding functionality to the room.

Less Furniture

When you have a home with built-in shelves and cabinets, there is less furniture that is needed in order to contain all of your stuff. Instead of that old bookshelf you’ve been toting around for years, you could eliminate the need for that piece while turning a wall into an elaborate counterpart. This could be ideal for future home buyers should you decide to sell your home. Many people love the idea of having built-in bookshelves and similar extras reducing their need to purchase such items.

Floor Space

Depending on how thick your walls are, you could contain the entire shelving or cabinet system within the structure. This would give the units a seamless transition from wall to shelf saving several square feet of floor space. Even if your walls are not deep enough to contain an entire cabinet or bookshelf system. Building them into the wall still provides additional space within the home.


Shelves and cabinets that are built into the walls of any given room provide a permanent method for keeping organizational habits. Regardless of the purpose of the room, more shelving and cabinet space is always a welcome addition in order to keep the clutter to a minimum. These could work exceptionally well in a child’s bedroom as books and toys can be store within the walls and not on the floor. If you can get children to clean their rooms.

Attracting Buyers

As mentioned earlier, built-in shelves and cabinets can be a great perk to a potential buyer. Most people that look at a home visualize how they are going to store their belongings within the house. They are usually looking for a larger home in order to contain all of their stuff. If the prospective home provides its own method of storage in such a manner, it could drive additional interest.


When building your own shelves into the walls of the home, you are provided with an opportunity for customization. If you want certain books, statuettes or other presentable items to be displayed with proper space allotments. You can make the shelving unit fit your exact need. Unlike store-bought shelves that have posts in certain areas. In order to offer some vague attempt at custom development, creating your own units gives you the precise features you need.

Open the Room Up

Instead of various end tables and shelves being scattered about the room, built-in units can open up an area. This can provide less of a claustrophobic feel as well as allow the air to circulate better within the home.

For those that live in a semi-constrained location, the built-in shelf and cabinetry could be a viable method to provide more space. You shouldn’t feel like the walls are closing in on you in your own home. Look around you – how much floor space could you reclaim if you were to develop your own built-in methods?

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