4 Tips to Spring into Summer Cleaning

Summer Cleaning

Spring Cleaning is something we do not all look forward to, but we are able to clean the cobwebs away after being cooped up all winter. Now that your spring cleaning is nearly complete, here are some tips on continuing your tasks into summer cleaning while still having a grand summertime with your family. 

Service your Air Conditioners

Whether it is yourself or you work with a service provider to help you review and maintain your heating and air units, checking your air conditioning units could actually save you from an unexpected incident like maybe your air conditioning unit breaks when it is 100 degrees outside. This will not be comfortable for anyone in your home.  Simple checks and maintenance will prevent your family from being uncomfortable on that extremely hot day and manage any costs of replacement.

Get your Outdoor areas cleaned

Summer is the time to spend outside where friends, family and neighbors are throwing backyard BBQs and general get together. Summer cleaning is fun when it means that you are getting your outdoor furniture cleaned and prepped and placed outside ready for those BBQs. Cleaning your grill prior to summer is another way to get the party started. If you have outdoor lights, walk around and make sure they work properly. This will prevent any of your guests from getting a minor injury from falling or missing a step that they could not see.

Window Cleaning

Summer would not be complete without bright days and light coming in your home to showcased the longest days. Summer cleaning of your windows will give you the summer months to open your windows and pull the blinds back to let in all the sunshine. To fully maximize the view, cleaning your windows is a great way to remove the grime and create a clear view. Also remember to summer clean your screens because they can also build up with dirt and dust particles that might try to find their way into your home when you are trying to let in fresh air. Cleaning your screens can minimize these pollutants and create a healthier home environment.

Walk Your Fence Perimeter

If you have not already done this, walking your fence perimeter can help you find loose boards that might attract pesky visitors. If you are a gardener, a fence can help keep the critters out leaving your vegetable for the family. Additionally, finding loose boards and replacing them or repairing them can prevent a possible accident of a board potentially falling on someone.

These four simple summer cleaning tasks can help you get ready for summer and enjoy the long days with your family without accidents or unexpected situations.