What You Need to Know About Moving

we're moving

It’s time for your and your family to move.  But what needs to happen when you are moving?

Here are some tips to think about during the moving process.

  • – Have extra packing supplies on hand for any last minute packing needs.
  • – Determine what can fit in your new home and what you want from your current home in your new home. And either donate or sell what you do not need or want.
  • – Label boxes with numbers and keep an associated number schedule to prevent theft and to keep yourself organized.
  • – Take all your small electronics and jewelry with you. As these are extremely valuable and are best trusted in your own hands.
  • – Use Pliio clothing filers and boxes to organize your clothes from one home to another.
  • – Label electronic wires using tape and a pen with the associated electronics. Or put the electronic in a ziploc baggie that allows you to label the outside with the associated electronics.
  • – Pack a suitcase of clothes and toiletries you will need for the next few days. This will help you until you can unpack everything.
  • – Add a few towels to the suitcase to get you fresh in clean without combing through boxes.
  • – Have a sitter for your children and your pets during the move day process.
  • – Ease your pets gently into their new home, letting them get acclimated at their own pace.
  • – Get coupons for local restaurants and take out places to feed your moving helpers. These will help will you are waiting to unpack dishes.
  • – Pizza needs plates, so have a few paper plates, plastic cups and plastic utensils on hand until you can unpack.
  • – Be careful on your moving boxes.  Bend at the knees not the hips to protect your back.

With these added tips, you can move easily and take your time getting organized once you are in your new home.