Beach House Home Design

Beach House Home Design

This time of year has a lot of people taking vacations and escaping the winter and heading to the beach.  The beach and ocean bring about a feeling of serenity and relaxation.   The concept of the beach has been said to help people decompress and live a stress free period of time.  With these feelings of calm, we wanted to focus on beach house design and some simple tips you can add to your home to create a memory or peace and happiness. 

Use Light Colors

Creams and whites give a fresh feel and add a sense of beachiness to a room.  Creams reflect the sand that makes up the beach atmosphere. Whites give a crisp and clean feel to a room.   Pastels colors also give a soothing mood with pastels reflecting sunrises and sunsets.  Blues in light and bright shades remind you that the ocean is vast and a major player during your beach vacation.  Try a variety of these shades to give a true sense of the color palette the sun will play on your beach experience.

Add Woods and Woven Fabrics

Wood floors or paneling can enhance any room but added with the beach in mind can bring your vacation experience inside.  Woven fabrics like wicker furniture and woven fabrics like jute and seagrass showcase a southern beach experience.   These pieces are also great to use inside or out so if you want to make enhancements or changes to a room later, you can re-purpose the furniture for outside use.   These materials are also great when enhancing a very natural feel to a room.  Once again adding the soothing effect to a room.

Add Mementos from Your Trips

If the beach is important to you, bring back mementos like shells or favorite paintings or photos that reflect your favorite beaches.  Shells in bowls or jars can not only create the beach feel but also create a conversation piece when guests visit.  Label each shell with the name of each beach it was found.  This can also remind you and your family of your memories during these vacations.  If your beach is a nautical based area, bring in the boats.  Use oars to decorate and small kit boats as decor.  Add sailing prints around your room to explain that a beach to you might be in Nantuncket.

Clean your Windows

The beach generally is a sunny place.  Letting the light in your house will make the beach feel really present.  Cleaning your windows so that they sparkle is a great way to let in the light.   Use a quick mixture of vinegar and water added to a spray bottle to clean the windows without any streaks.

Bringing the beach to your home can be as simple as bringing the furniture outdoors in and adding your own memories with photos, prints, and mementos.  For some more beach tips and looks, here are some great Pinterest boards from some of our Pinterest friends.  They have some great beach inspired boards.