Home Remodel Tip: Front Yard Landscape

Front Yard Landscape

The front yard landscape has a very important role in defining the curb appeal of your home. Choosing plants, trees, shrubs and lighting that work with the type of home you have can have a dramatic effect.The appearance of the front of your home is not only important for you and the value of the home, but also in keeping the appearance and value of your neighborhood.

Project items for your front landscape

Putting in new front yard landscaping has several different items that you need to plan for. Here is a list of those items to get you started.

Drainage Material Lights
Drainage Pipe Lighting Controller
Irrigation Controller Mulch
Irrigation Pipe Plants
Irrigation Sprinklers Shrubs
Irrigation Valves Trees
Lawn Walkways
Lawn Soil Labor


How to plan your front landscape

First, you want to consider your landscape design. Taking photos of other neighborhood homes in your area that you like is a good place to start. Review each picture and determine what items you like and items that you don’t like. Most great landscapes fit with the architectural style of the home, so try to find plants and trees that fit. Also remember your environment. Some plants will thrive in your area, while others will not survive.

Sometimes you can get some great advice by taking pictures of your home to a local nursery. As you learn about different trees and shrubs, the staff can help guide you to make selections that might work. They will know what to look for in appearance, sun exposure and watering requirements perspective.