10 Tools for Every Homeowners Needs


Being a homeowner has lots of advantages but with those advantages you have this house that oftentimes needs updates or quick fixes.  Here are ten tools that can help every homeowner fix and repair items in their home. 

Screwdriver both Phillips head and straight head because you will come across a variety of screws in your home on various parts of your equipment that will require one or the other type of screwdriver.  Screwdrivers will help fix things around the home quickly from everything like switch plates to cleaning out a hot water heater.

Cordless drill to quickly assemble any pieces of furniture that you buy or to hang heavy frames and artwork on the walls. A cordless drill can speed up your time to correctly tackling certain projects.

Pliers are good to help hold things firmly while you continue to work on the area or item in your home to fix it. They also make it easy to bend wire and other similar items.

A hammer is handy for a lot of things around the home.  To quickly hang small pictures, to assemble small pieces of furniture that might require a hammer, to remove old cracked tiles and to pull down items using the claw portion of the hammer.

A tape measure becomes so useful all around your home. Measuring size rooms and furniture to make sure everything will fit in a room.  Measuring wall space to determine how much paint you will need for the room.  Measuring spaces for remodeling purposes and measuring where to hang artwork and so much more.  A tape measure is good to take with you when you are shopping for furniture to verify sizes.

There is nothing worse than hanging a picture or piece art and realizing that after all the holes in the wall, that the piece is not level.  Using a level while you are measuring to hang artwork and before nails are in your wall, will help the room acquire the look you are trying to secure in the room.

Putty knifes are great when you need a quick fix on a wall or to help with reapplying grout or sealants.

A wrench is like a screwdriver.  You never know where in your home a piece of equipment will have bolts that require a wrench to remove and to secure.

Utility knives are great in tight areas or very fine areas that require a precise touch. Utility knives allow you to cut away excess putty when seal windows or other components in your house.  They also come in handy when you require a precise cutting like in crafts.

Allen Keys are often overlooked. They come in kits or all in one products like a hex key. Allen keys fall in the same category as wrenches and screwdrivers. You never know how something is constructed in your home and to get the best tools for the parts and pieces is the bridge between fixing your repair to being so frustrated that you do not have the right tools to get the job done.

These tools will fix most repairs in your home and can be stored in a single storage piece or toolbox.