Shooting for the Stars to Decorate Any Room

As you can imagine, it is now possible for man to go to the moon and fly among the stars. However, you may not be able to fly around the moon just yet. But you can certainly bring the galaxy in your home. Here are some simple steps to help you live among the stars or wish while you are shooting for the stars. 


Wallpaper or decals that showcase the solar system are available at many stores.  Additionally, you can paint a wall dark to create a look of night and add additional shooting for the stars decals. As a result, your walls will highlight the night sky.


To see the stars and moon at night, we look up. So crafting a night sky or solar system by painting your ceiling can bring the night sky in to your home. Additionally, try decals that glow in the dark to add an element of fun to a child’s room. To make these more three dimensional, add the stickers to pieces of furniture around the room. You can add stars to your ceiling using lighted accessories like this light stars lamp projector.  If you are not into the painting your ceiling, then try hanging a solar system that will bring the planets indoors.



To create an out of this world experience, add small elements around your rooms. By simply hanging moon or adding stars to a centerpiece in your home, you will have the moon and stars at your fingertips.  There are a multitude of accent pieces that can bring the moon and stars inside that take little effort. Without the effort of getting a ceiling painted or adding decals or wallpaper to a room, you can still accomplish an outer space experience.  Here are a few we found.