Five Ways to Decorate with Keepsakes

Decorate with Keepsakes

You share vacations with your family, your kids bring your projects from school, and you have unexpected collections that might be in a box our out of the way. Here are 5 ways to decorate with keepsakes. These beautifully precious items can be on display in your home and here’s how.


Glass front cabinets give you the display of your keepsakes but still keeping them protected from the risk of fingers and damage. Buying or building pieces of furniture that meets your criteria can generally house many different items. Changing out the cabinet doors in any built in cabinets you have to glass front doors is another way to add a showcase for your keepsakes.

Frame Pieces

Children’s artwork, degrees and diplomas, love notes and are easily displayed in custom frames or boxes that showcase your prized valuables and can be hung throughout your home to decorate the walls. Our home has money from around the world in frames representing the different countries visited. By using frames to decorate with keepsakes, we have a wall full of conversation. Using frames also allows you to create collages and add more pieces to a wall to create a framed mural.


Some mementos like wine corks might remind you of a stunning bottle of wine you had on a particular anniversary or a book of matches that might remind you of a fantastic dinner to celebrate a retirement.  With small items like these and with multiples, you can add these items into glass jars like mason or apothecary jars to not only show off your mementos but also to spark a discussion that reminds you of those events.

Shelves or Bookcases

Maybe your collection is in the form of books or pieces that you have collected from around the world.  They may be too big for a frame or jar but they definitely can inspire your household by returning the memories of the adventures.  Showcasing these items on shelves or bookcases give you the opportunity to move them around easily and to bring them down to show guests who visit your home.

Trinket Tins

Tiny items might benefit from bowls or little tins that hold trinkets.  These tins can have clear faces to show off the pieces or your bowls can showcase in the open the little mementos you have collected and what you value.  These tins can be staked and stored until you want to bring them out or you can sit them on a counter or table as if they were in their natural place.

Naturally by making your keepsakes apart of your home decor, you will save money on buying other pieces. As a result, you will personalize your home with the memories you created.