Warming up the Home with Brown Tones and Colors

November makes us think about the appearances of fall. Browns, rusts, oranges, golds and reds are colors that are prevalent and popular this time of year. When tree’s leaves turn brown and fall off the limbs, it signals a quiet period allowing life to regroup before regenerating again in the spring. Browns add a quiet structure to a home. This color signifies stability, protection and support for the family.

If you have browns in your home you might identify with comfort and dependability. Your personality might reflect reliability, trust and you might be a salt of the earth kind of person. Some browns are rich and velvety. Using richer shades of this color can add a subtle sense of glamour to a calm and relaxing space. Adding brown tones to your home might help create a calming environment. But one of strength and organization. Take a look at some rooms we found that showcase the rich and magnificent color.

Share Your Ideas

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