Home Maintenance Tip: Inspect Grading Around Your House

HomeZada Maintenance Tip Inspect Grading Around the House

As winter approaches, it is time to inspect grading around the perimeter of your home. Many ask why is this maintenance task important. Well, natural landscaping erosion and other projects including neighbors projects may have shifted the slope around the perimeter of the home. Having your grading slope away from your home is best for your home. As the weather changes and snow and rain occur more frequently, it is important to have this water drain away from your home. Adding or extending your home’s downspouts from the gutters will also help water flow away from the home. Without proper grading, standing water could occur near your home’s foundation or under your home. Which can result in structural damage and moisture problems for the home. Inspect grading around your home to help to determine if you have these drainage issues.

Grading around the home foundation

The easiest way to prevent water from draining into your foundation or home is to add some dirt to raise the grading level. You want to add this extra dirt near the foundation of your home and have it slope away from the home. To achieve this goal, you might have to remove some landscaping temporarily. Once you have added the dirt, you can then replace the landscaping or add the current landscaping back to the location. However, the long term effects of your home’s foundation damage could be more costly than adjusting your landscaping.

It is important to walk inside your home also to determine if water damage has reached your walls.

Avoid puddles of water around your home and learn how you can create a proper grade around your home here.


especially during the fall and winter months.