Fine Linen Storage

fine linen

Oftentimes, we pull out special fine linens for special occasions like a holiday, birthday, anniversary or some special party. When you are using fine linens and you need to store them, you need a location that will keep the linens neat and free from wrinkles. Fine linen storage requires good clean areas that will protect your prized linens. 


One option is a wide drawer in your pantry, dining room or kitchen. Linen storage is good for easy access to the linens. If you do not have
any available drawers to allow your linens to lie flat, you can use plastic bins to help create the same effect. You will need to find bins wide enough to hold your linens, usually focusing on the size of a placemat. Placing tissue paper between your linens will also help protect them for their future use but also limit wrinkles which is great linen storage.


Another option is hanging your linens. If you have a spare closet or some space in a closet, you can hang your linens which also will prevent some wrinkling. When doing this, it is best to use a pant hanger or similar eliminating any ceases. Additionally, you will want to cover the lines with tissue or place in a bag like a suit or dress bag to protect from any dust.

One thing to avoid is starch. When you wash your linens fold them, but do not starch them as starch can create discoloring or even attract insects.