Home Maintenance Tip: Insulate Outdoor Pipes

HomeZada Maintenance Tip Insulate Outdoor Pipes

In climates where the temperature drops below freezing, it is important to insulate outdoor pipes for either the home or the landscape irrigation system. Forgetting to insulate outdoor pipes can lead to pipes that can burst and valves that can break due to severely cold temperatures. Insulating outdoor pipes can prevent damage to your home and the plumbing systems during the difficult winter season. The worst thing that can happen is a pipe burst during the winter and more problems occur outside and inside your home.

Water damage is one of the worst types of damage to a home. Water damage can destroy walls, floors, furniture and destroy pertinent papers or documents. Long term effects of water damage can cause mold or other problems which can ultimately effect the health of family members. Not to mention, you may not have water to use in your home like showers and cleaning dishes which is a very big inconvenience.

Winterizing your outdoor pipes and faucets

Disconnect any garden hoses, drain them and store them in the garage or shed. Once your garden hose is removed, using towels or faucet insulator wrap around the faucet to insulate from the cold weather. Additionally, if you have exposed outdoor pipes in and around your home that are in areas that do not receive any or limited heat, adding towels or pipe insulators will help reduce the risk of any potential damage to these pipes which could result in more home damage than you need to deal with this winter. Insulate your outdoor pipes, especially if you live in cold weather states to avoid unnecessary problems.

This video will show you more about using pipe insulators and how to effectively insulator your pipes.