The Financial Benefits to Spring Cleaning

Did you know that there are financial benefits to spring cleaning? Spring cleaning gives you the ability to clear the cobwebs, freshen up your bed linens, and open the windows to less fresh air in. All this after your home has been closed all winter. While you are spring cleaning, it is a great time to declutter. By declutter and removing items that you no longer need, you can take the opporutnity to donate those items. These unneeded items become a donation deduction on your taxes. This is one finanical benefit to spring cleaning.

Another way to find financial benefits to spring cleaning is to take a year long look at how you are spending money associated with cleaning. For instance, are you spending large sums of money on cleaning products? Or do you hire people to clean your home. Maybe you hire service providers to help you maintain your home. What about all the new projects and decorating items you buy for and your spend on items within your home.

While your cleaning your physical house, it is a great time to clean your financial aspects of your home. Especially with tax time around the corner. Review any paper work, keep and file, donate and trash these items. Learn more on how your can spring clean both your home and your finances in this infographic from Credit Donkey.

financial benefits to spring cleaning