Getting your Yard Ready for Spring – Spring Yard Maintenance Tips

spring yard maintenance tips

Spring is here and now is the time to get your yard ready for the blooming extravaganza that come with the new seasons. Here are some great spring yard maintenance tips that can get your yard ready.


Lawns are generally a large portion of your yard and these areas need a bit of care when getting them green and healthy. Start by fertilizing the yard to keep your grass healthy and green. And also to remove any weeds that might pop up when you least expect or want. Next, try aerating your lawn to allow for regrowth of grass where healthy new grass will sprout. This is when it is a good timeto start scheduling your grass cutting for the spring, summer and fall season.

Patio Areas

Take an assessment of your patio areas and determine if you need fixes to these areas. Or do you simply need a clean up. If you need clean up, you can sweep these areas with heavy duty brushes or use pressure washers to remove mold, moss or other discoloration. Most of this discoloration is due to dampness from the winter season. If you need to make some repairs, now is the time to get those repairs done. Either you are hiring contractors to come in and fix the area. Or you will make the minor fixes yourself. If you have decking rather than patios, it is a great time pressure wash the debris on the decks and to reseal them prior to bringing our your outdoor furniture.

Trees and Scrubs

If you did not have an opportunity to trim your scrubs and remove branches from your trees in winter, then now is good to time to get them cleaned up. Keeping trees and scrubs trimmed makes your yard and home look good. Trimming trees and scrubs have an added benefit, they also prevent damage to your home. Loose branches can break windows or scratch siding, so getting this clean up done now can go a long way to enjoying the summer.

Potted Plants and Flowers

If you love the colors of spring and summer and have pots filled with glorious flowers, it is a great time to clean up these potted areas. Removing any dead flowers and churning the soil to make way for new plants is a great first pass. Once you have everything cleaned up and ready for planting, it is time for a trip your local nursery to pick up flowers to plant. These plants are sure to brighten up your backyard. This same concept can be applied to other areas of your yard where you want more flowers blooming.

Check your Sprinkler Systems

If you have a sprinkler system, it is a good idea to check to make sure the lines, the automatic timers and the valves are working properly. This is important to get the water to the appropriate area. Checking valves also makes sure the right amount of water flows to specific plants and to protect against water waste. This is a particularly good idea for areas of the US that experience drought situations.

With these simple tips, you can get your yard ready for spring and summer.