Easy to Care for House Plants

house plantsRecently, we read an article on successful office spaces and wouldn’t you just know it live plants were on the list of what makes an office happy and valuable. Taking that same concept and relating it to the home, houseplants are a great and healthy way to add décor to your home. House plants take in the carbon monoxide expelled by humans and converts it to oxygen which can benefit your home and your family. House plants also give a natural element to your home. Kind of like bringing the forest or the jungle inside.

Taking care of house plants depends on the type of plants in your home. We have identified some great easy to care for plants that could make great additions to your home. These plants might actually tell you exactly what they need once you start listening to them.  From wilted leaves or drooping leaves, to yellowing or brown areas, these top plants will tell you if they need more water or sun or less water and less sun.

Easy Care Plants

Peace Lilly are easy plants to care for as their leaves will droop when they need more water and their leaves will brown or burn when they’ve had too much direct sun. Philodendrons , Pothus, Ivy, and Spider Plants are also super easy but will require occasional trimming as they can grow and grow. Mother in Law’s Tongue or Snake Plant  grow straight up which makes it a great plant to bring an element of a vertical accent piece. Chinese Evergreen are also great decorating pieces because they grow up and full and can be trimmed to suit your space. Cacti are probably the easiest plants to care for because they require almost no water, making this a great plant for the business traveler.

Many of these plants need regular watering, so creating a routine of once a week and paying attention to the signs of how much water to provide by reviewing how they talk to you. Drooping leaves, brown leaves need more water, yellow leaves maybe need a little less water. Pruning these plants also are helpful in keeping the leaves full and the size of the plant under control. Refreshing the soil is something you can do about every 6 – 12 months and possibly an occasional repotting of the plants due to growth. It is also important to watch your light. Some plants need more light than others while too much light can actually burn the leaves of the plants like we see with Peace Lilly.

In addition to these tips, there are plants that can purify the air you breathe. It is important to keep good air in your home and plants can assist with this process.