10 Reasons to Manage Home Data through the Homeowner Lifecycle

Homeowner LifecycleThe homeowner lifecycle comprises of buying a home, managing the home and selling that home. The average homeowner buys and sells approximately 6 -7 homes in their lifetime. Everything from becoming a first time home buyer, upgrading to a larger home, and possibly upgrading again. Some homeowners decide that buying a second home for rentals or vacation is a valuable homeowner step. And finally, downsizing into a smaller home once family members have decided to move into their own homes. During these different phases of buying and selling homes, you are managing them and taking care of them to ensure their value. You are looking to keep these homes efficient and it is important that these homes keep your family safe.

Why is is important to manage your home’s data through the entire homeowner lifecycle? We are sharing our top ten reasons why.

1. Awareness

Managing the data about your home can help you understand the intricacies of your home and how to properly manage, maintain and personalize it. The data can help you know where items are located in your home. Know what activities need to be done when and by whom. Gain a greater understanding of the processes that take place with you home. Know how your home operates. Know who can help you protect, enhance and service your home. Ultimately, having a greater awareness to your home can help you manage your time.

2. A Financial Overview of Your Largest Asset

Have you ever wondered what your home was all about? We buy them for a price, we sell them for another price after having them appraised and we invest in them. We invest by decorating, remodeling and caring for our homes. Tracking the data about your home throughout the homeowners lifecycle can give you a greater awareness to the financial details about your home. What did you invest in your home to share with potential buyers? Do you have full coverage for the items in your home should anything happen? Do you know your annual maintenance spend and can you budget for it prior to the start of the year? These are all valuable financial data that can help you become more aware of your spend while managing, buying and selling your home.

3. Keep your Family Safe 

Understanding the tasks needed to take care of your home will ensure that your family is safe. A dryer vent or a ventilation hood that has not been cleaned regularly could be a cause of fire in your home. Thus, putting your whole family at risk. Knowing when to change the air filters in your home can prevent any unnecessary breathing problems that might creep up. Having the data about your maintenance tasks at the tip of your fingers could make the difference between a healthy home or a dangerous one.

4. Manage your Time

Time is a precious commodity and managing time can be challenging with all the activities happening with family, friends, work and more. Managing your home and the activities that need to happen with your home does not have to be challenging. By investing in a system that can help you manage when tasks need to be completed, will help keep you organized. A system can also teach you how to move through remodeling projects.

5. A Good Working Home is a Cost Effective Home

If you have a home that is operating properly, then you most likely have a home that runs efficiently. An efficient home can help manage the wear and tear on your equipment and appliances. Which can extend their usefulness. Well functioning equipment can make life more comfortable. And they can help reduce your overall household expenses. Knowing when to do the necessary tasks to help your home stay in tip top shape can be done by setting regularly scheduled calendar items.

6. Be Comfortable

We all know that managing a home and its components can be tricky. But with the right resources and help, you can have a fully functioning home. A home that does not do what it needs to do could have you experience an excessive amount of heat in the summer. Because your air conditioning does not work. Or you are too cold in the winter because your heater decided not to start.  And because you do not have the necessary tools to keep your stove, oven and refrigerator working, you to go out to dinner regularly. Nothing is worse than owning a home and feeling like you just cannot be in it because nothing works.

7. Pleasure of Designing and Decorating your Home

When you first become a homeowner or move into a new home, it is so exciting to make the home yours. Personalizing a home can be lots of fun and transforming a home to add your personality can be rewarding. Tracking all the details around these purchases or layouts can also help you manage the information about your home. Managing the homes contents and structure can support any details that might arise due to damage. While tracking the financial aspects and process of home remodeling projects can continue to make the experience positive.

8. Feeling Organized

Have your ever wondered what it would be like to have all the data about your home in one place? Amazing, right?! Keeping a digital record throughout the entire homeowner lifecycle can have your more organized than you thought you could ever be. What if you knew exactly what you owned and where the bulk of your treasures were in your home? What if you knew at the drop of a hat what bills you had and how to manage the trends of those bills? What if you had all this data about the care you have put into your home and you could showcase that when you are ready to sell your home. Managing the data about your home can keep you organized. Which ultimately can give you a clearer vision about your largest asset.

9. Enjoy your Life

House projects are sometimes tedious but necessary for the overall health of your family and operating efficiency of your home. If you can manage this data about these projects and tasks, than you can manage your schedules. These schedules can ultimately give you more time to enjoy your life. Enjoying your home to entertain could be the one reason to manage the details of your home … the party must go on!

10. Peace of Mind

Knowing that you track the data about your home and you have it in a central place can give you the ultimate peace of mind. Whether you need to access this data yourself or someone else needs to access this data on your behalf. You will have a clear account of what tasks have happened to your home. And what is upcoming and expected and what is necessary to manage your home.