What you Need to Know about Moving Tips for a Successful Move

Moving TipsMoving out of one home and into another can seem simple but there are some complexities to moving that require a detail account of activities and items.  There are some areas of a move that you need to know about that can help you ensure an organized and positive move. Here are some moving tips to get through a seamless move.  Taking a deep dive into what you own, knowing what you need for your next home, understanding how you are going to transport your home’s contents, and what you need when you move in can bring you some serenity before the unpacking begins.

Keep, Donate, Sell

Before you move, take a look at the items you own and review the new space you are moving into.  The dimensions and storage areas will be the most important areas to focus on when reviewing what you currently own.  If you have items that are no longer of value to you or that will not fit in your new home, then it is time to donate or sell them. Keep in mind whether you furniture can get through your doors and if not, what is the alternative method.  Does your furniture fit in the home?  This will be a critical question that could have you moving furniture to a new home only to sell after you have paid to move it.

Hire Movers or Not

If you have a lot of family and friends with trucks and are strong that help move your belongings, you hit the jackpot and can save on movers. But if you do not have these types of friends or your friends suffer from back problems preventing them from lifting anything, hiring movers is your best bet to ensure safety and convenience for everyone.  When hiring movers, check for insurance and what the insurance covers. If the insurance is not enough you will need to invest in a small policy to insure your contents prior to moving.

Document Your Belongings

Prior to packing anything up or allowing movers to move the items into a truck or unit, it is a wise idea to document all of your belongings.  Taking videos, photos, scanning pertinent documents into a computer or online system is valuable to follow up with your possessions once you and they have arrived at your new destination. It is also good to label boxes by room, items in the box and how many boxes per room.  This will ensure that the correct quantity of boxes arrive for each specified room.

Packing Your Possessions

You may have a lot of fragile or precious items that are important to you and that you do not want to arrive damaged to your new home. Pack heaviest items in the bottom of the boxes while wrapping lighter options and potentially storing them in individual boxes or containers for further protection. Use the concept of when shipments to your home arrive from online shopping. These packing techniques are valuable to learn from as shippers constantly need to make sure your items get to you without damage.

Your Move in Toolkit

Once you arrive at your new home, your belongings are in boxes and you need to get everything put away.  After a stressful and challenging day, the last thing you want to do is start unpacking and become frustrated because you do not have what you need.  Keeping one box with you as you arrive to your new home that has box cutters, plastic cups, plastic silverware, paper plates, paper towels, and hand soap or hand sanitizer. This will at least get you organized for unpacking and a quick meal.  If you can carry another box with you, take one with pillows, sheets and blankets so that everyone can have at least a decent nights sleep.

These steps can help make packing a little bit more organized and a way to help you kick off your first few nights in your new home with excitement.