DIY Tips for First Time Homeowners

2241_first_time_home_buyerCongratulations!!! You are now a homeowner! As a first time homeowner, you may find yourself eager to move into your home, start learning about about the details of your home and then let your mind run away with all the decorating and remodeling projects to make this new home your home!  Now’s the time to also look at your own experience and skills.  Also, take a look at your network … do you have friends in construction or who have performed house projects?  There are projects that every new homeowner can handle by simple reading some instructions and then there are projects that really do require the experts. Here are some tips on what projects are easy to handle with limited experience.

Change your air filters

New homeowners often forget that they even have air filters in their home. Finding your air filters (yes, there are generally more than one depending on the size of your house) is the first step.  Then you can measure the size or look to side of the filter where the size is stamped.  You can then go to your local hardware store or order the air filters online.  Air filters are changed 3 – 4 times per year depending on the air quality in your home.  This may seem minor but poor air quality in a home can actually make the people living in the home sick.

Get Prepared with an Emergency Kit

Making sure you fire and carbon monoxide detectors are working properly is the first step to getting prepared.  So test your detectors to ensure they are working.  Be careful if you are climbing a ladder to check these. Next, it is time to make a list and shop for the items you need in case of emergency.  Starting with fire extinguishers in key areas of the home where fires can happen like kitchens and laundry rooms. A first aid kit in case of cuts while fixing something. Flashlights, candles and matches or a lighter are also good in case you lose power and need to see at night. Extra cell phone chargers for cars or self charging solutions in case you also lose power.

Creating your Tool Box

Do you have a tool box and does is have the basic items you need to get your home organized? If not, now’s the time as you will need items like hammers, screw drivers, cordless drills, and tape measures. Learn more about the 10 essential tools for every homeowner. In addition to the basics, you might consider a picture hanging kit.  You can find this in any store that supplies home goods. Additionally, light bulbs will be important to see when walking around your home.  Check to see what light bulbs you need in various locations as many of them are different.

Get your Locks Changed

This task can be a simple one but may require a locksmith depending on your systems on your doors. When you move into your new home, you do not know who received keys when the previous owners lived in the home. You might be surprised by the “new found friends” that open your doors because they had a key from the previous owners.  With these steps, you can change a standard lock easily.

Adding Hardware to Your Home

Changing out or adding new knobs, drawer pulls, and even outdoor house numbers are simple decorating tasks that any homeowner can tackle.  With a drill and screw driver, adding hardware can be a fun project while also making your home a representation of who you are. This same approach can apply with hanging valances, drapery panels and curtain rods. Curtains of any sort can add a new look to a room with very little effort. Once again, if you are using a ladder, please be careful.

Now that you have some of your tips ready to go!  Have fun and enjoy your new home!!