Home Maintenance Tip: Inspect Roof

Inspect RoofSummer is the perfect time to inspect your roofs. During the summer, you generally have good weather which makes it safer to climb on ladders and walk the roof. Summer also is the time of year when roofing companies are less busy. So you can get a good rate on using a service company for inspections. Roofs can be damaged by various elements including high winds, heavy snowfalls, tree branches, debris from storms. And if you need to climb on your roof, walking on it could cause damage.

Whether you have asphalt, wood or a tile roof, the roof tiles will break or come off due to a variety of reasons. Some listed above while others might be simple settling of the home. It is important to replace and fix any damage to the roof to prevent water from getting under the roofing materials. Water under your roofing materials can cause bigger problems like serious water leaks into the attic. Additionally, structural problems for the roof and your home’s walls can be caused with damaged roofs.

Replacing roof shingles

If you do have roof tile or shingles that need replacing, here are some steps to help you with this process. Always remember, if you feel uncomfortable doing this work yourself or have a fear of heights, a licensed roofing contractor is only a phone call away.

Removing a damaged shingle requires a straight bar to pry up the nails securing the shingle to the roof.  You want to make sure not to damage other shingles in this process. So careful and precise use of the straight bar is imperative.

When you have a replacement shingle, the manufacturer generally offers recommendations on how many nails and in what pattern is needed to properly secure the item. For this aspect of the task, you will need roofing nails and a roofing hammer. You may need a utility knife if you have to cut the shingle to match a specific size.

Be careful when climbing and walking on your roof. As this can be very extremely dangerous.  Having someone who can support the ladder or look out for you as you are working on the roof could protect you from major injury. Yet, another advantage to making sure someone is present in case of an accident occurs.