It is time to Air Out that House for Better Air Quality

air out homeSummer is coming to a close and air conditioning is no longer needed. But before we head into winter, when we close up our windows and turn on our heat, we have some time to air out our homes and get them smelling fresh and clean. Opening your windows and airing out your home can improve the air quality in your home. Along with these other tips you can have a fall filled with freshness.

Clean your Home

Air quality is also dependent upon a clean house. Cleaning your floors and vacuuming your carpets will remove the dirt from the areas. Dusting your furniture and your ceiling fans will remove the dust that can build up and cause pollutants in your air, so dust your home at least once a week. Remember to remove dust from baseboards or wainscoating along walls. These areas can trap dust along their edges.

Add Plants to your Home

Plants take in our carbon monoxide and release oxygen which adds to a healthy environment. Many plants are low maintenance and can also add color and texture to a room. Plants can easily be incorporated into the design elements of your home.

Remove the Spray Air Fresheners

Air fresheners create a scent that may appeal to you, but they create more pollutants into a home. Try using natural air fresheners like boiling spices and fruit on your stovetop or using herbs and placing them in bowls around your home. Flavors can be mixed with a variety of herbs and dried fruits or using extracts. In addition to removing air fresheners, limit the aerosol products you use in your home. Limit the cleaning products and the personal hygiene products to keep your home fresh.

Change your Air Filters

Changing your air filters every three to four months can help improve your air quality in your home. Fall is a perfect time to start fresh with a new air filter. This is a simple task that cost a few dollars and a few minutes of your time.

Air Purifiers

Keeping a bit of humidity in your home and using air purifiers can also keep your home fresh. Air purifiers can be purchased and used independently in each room or you can call your air conditioning service provider to add a purifier to your system. Having an air purifier attached to your HVAC system requires that your use your air conditioning or heating units. If you are in place where you do not want to use your HVAC system, then using air purifiers in your home may work better for you.

Fall is a great time to refresh your home and try some new techniques to keep your home’s air quality pure.



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