Home Maintenance Tip: Chop Wood for Wood Burning Fireplaces

HomeZada Chop Wood for Wood Burning FireplacesWith the weather still nice and a great way to continue with the summer workouts, chopping wood for the winter can be that very task. First, you will need a supply of wood for your wood burning stove or fireplace to start this process. Fall weather is a great time and provides a great opportunity to secure your word and getting the chopping completed before winter and the need for the solution. Some of you are lucky enough to have wood already delivered and chopped, but for those of you who are not, it’s time to get busy. Try to create a relatively dry place to store the wood that is also relatively accessible to the home during the winter. A dry area like under a covered deck or porch near a door is a great location for wood storage.  Read More

Real Estate Agent gives the Closing Gift of HomeZada to Clients

closing giftMary Lou Galea, a realtor in St. Petersburg, FL found the perfect closing gift to provide her clients once they purchased their homes. She tested HomeZada to determine how it could help her clients manage their home moving forward. With the ability to take a comprehensive home inventory, store data like manuals and warranties, document multiple homes and jazz up a listing when the home is ready to sell, Mary Lou provides a digital home management tool to her clients.

HomeZada Professional enables realtors to extend their brand beyond the sale. Any real estate agent can showcase their branding in the system when the data and account are transferred to the client. This makes it easy for the client to reach their realtor if any questions arise once the sale is complete. For more information about Mary Lou’s experience, please visit Florida Realtor Magazine.

Using HomeZada Professional

Mary Lou uses HomeZada for specific tasks to help better engage her clients. She creates a rich listing with unlimited photos and information the property. This increase SEO on the property because each photos had the property address. She stores user and repair guides. No one wants this in hard copy anymore. With her rich listing, she created a home inventory for the new buyers to engage. She also stays in touch after the closing with her branding making her clients comfortable. She has definitely differentiated her brand.

Make a Small Home Office Feel Bigger With These Tips

Contemporary Home OfficeGuest Blogger: Lana Hawkins

Working in a small claustrophobic space can be quite depressing and far from inspiring. However, most of us are not so lucky to be working in an enormous office full of light, so we try to make the most of what we have. How can we redesign our office space so that it seems bigger and brighter without demolishing a few walls or moving to a completely different place? Here are a few tips you can use to change your working environment so that you feel happier and more satisfied. Read More

Green, Bright, and Sustainable Homes with Solar Power

solar_panelsGuest Blogger: Maria Ramos

Oil and coal have fueled industrial progress throughout the 20th century, but these gains have come at a great cost: the emission of harmful particle pollutants and greenhouse gases. Now that global warming and related ecological concepts are familiar to the general public, many people are looking for ways to reduce the negative impact of human actions on the environment. Renewable sources of energy, such as geothermal vents, solar power, hydroelectric dams and wind turbines, hold out the promise of cheap, renewable, green-friendly energy. Most of these alternative forms of electrical generation are currently impractical, but one of them has been making great strides in price and user-friendliness: solar power. Read More

Home Remodel Tip: New Bathroom Floor

HomeZada Remodel Tip New Bathroom FloorBathroom floors carry water from showers, bathtubs and sinks. Sometimes wet dogs and children are running around after their baths. Believe or not, many bathrooms have carpet as the flooring material. With carpet and water, there is a risk of mold and mildew. Bathrooms also develop a lot of steam which can also convert to water that drips on the floors. If you have carpet in your bathroom, it may be time to use a more durable flooring like tile. You can always add areas rugs to prevent slippage or to keep your feet warm when getting out of the shower or tub. These areas rugs can easily be washed in your washing machine. If you have tile or linoleum and are ready for a change, here are the tips you need to get your new floor started. Replacing carpeting in bathrooms with ceramic tiles is a common project. It creates a hard and durable surface that also is much more suitable for water on the floors.  Read More