Halloween Decorating with HomeZada

If you love Halloween as much as we do, you have your house decorated with the spooky and the creepy. If you are just getting started with your Halloween decorating, let us show you some of our favorite scary displays of Halloween. You might be surprised what you have in your home and how you can use it to make a haunted home. Maybe you are inspired to visit your local party store to find some great Halloween decorations to add to your home. Here are a few photos of a party thrown by one of our cofounders because she absolutely loves Halloween. 

Bringing the Creepy Inside

With a little gauzy style rags and some dried peat moss you can create this skull and bones area. Your guest will be kept guessing as to what bone and anatomy studies are being conducted.


Treats Are to Hard to Resist

What Halloween party would not be complete with some treats. An easy display of candy in a spooky planter made this display fun. Or try tossing candy in your corners to add some simple fun. Remember to go find all your candy after the party. DSC_1345

Spider and Webs

More black gauze like pieces are great to make spider webs. Add some store bought spiders to scare the arachnophobia folks in the house.


Signs Signs Signs

Chalkboards are the very items you have that can remind people of what they are about to do by entering this haunted house. A little skull can also go a long way to reminding the party goers of what’s to come.

Raid the Grocery Store

A closer look at this skull and a nice resemblance of fall with grocery store bought white mini pumpkins or gourds.


Remember the Mantel

Dressing up our mantel involved black candle holders with some orange and black candles. A bit of spooky gauze and some cobwebs on the fireplace. We are ready for the party.


Freaky Bathrooms

Cannot forget the bathrooms. Simple store bought decals really made this room a little scary. Placing the decals on other areas can also create a 3D dimension to really scare your guests.


Entry Ways Set the Stage

A front porch can set the stage for your crazy adventure. Not to mention, when the party is over and tricker treaters are visiting, they might reconsider coming to the door with a spooky setup.
DSCN2383We hope you have the spookiest of Halloweens and your decorations share in your style. Show us what your Halloween decorated house looks like by sharing it with us on HomeZada Facebook page. We love seeing all kinds of spooky. 

When you are done with Halloween, remember to add your decorations to your HomeZada home inventory.