Home Maintenance Tip: Closet Organizing

HomeZada Reorganize ClosetsAutumn is here and with that a change in clothes. We are putting away our swimsuits and shorts and getting out our sweaters and jackets. This is a great time to reorganize your closets by putting away the summer clothes and bringing in your fall attire. It is also a great time to rethink what you own. Clothing styles come and go and with that, you may be tired of last autumn’s styles and ready for some new styles for the new season. Reorganizing your closet can also support the actual space of your closet. How many of us actually have closets that are overflowing and clothes that are squeezed in to the area? The physical dimensions of your closet do not change unless you understand a complete closet remodel. So we have to find a way to live with the space provided us and also give us the ability to see what we own.  A change of seasons is a fantastic time of year to review what we own, determine what we would like to keep, and give the rest away to a local charity or a good friend who truly dislikes shopping and is your exact size.

Organizing a closet can be simple once you get started, but many people suffer from a sense of loss when a piece of clothing is no longer in arms reach. Maybe a favorite memory was created when a particular shirt was worn or you had those favorite shoes and they are worn in perfectly. Other factors to consider might be are these pieces of clothing weathered, tattered and worn and really need to go somewhere else, memory or not; do you have other items that can create new memories wearing, and do these pieces even fit any more? Keeping these thoughts in your mind will also help someone new create memories with your donated items.

Closet organization can also be easier with like items together and colors either color coordinated within your closet space. Using quality hangers, hooks, shelves and drawers can also help you create a better organized system. For more closet organizing tips, take a look at what Alejandra has to say.