Entryway Organization to Clean up Potential Messes

entryway organizationEntryways are areas welcoming everyone into your home. But what if those visiting have coats, umbrellas or other items that need storing prior to engaging in the entertaining part of the visit to your home. Entryway organization can help store these other items that will also help everyone find what they came with when it is time to leave.


Entry closets are a start to getting organized. If you have an entry closet, you have storage for coats. The important thing is to leave room for guest coats in your coat closet. Leaving around 15 – 25% of room for guest coats will ensure their is room when guests do come to visit. Make sure their are enough hangers or extra hooks in the closet also that can store the jackets nicely. Coat closets can also be a great place for a shoe rack that sits on the ground beneath the coats. If you have a no shoe policy in your home, keeping the shoes organized and out of the way will help keep your entry way neat and organized.

Alternatives to Closets

No closet, try hooks to hold coats, hats and even purses. Hooks can add a new element to your entryway and offer some whimsy or simplicity but amazing functionality.

Tables and Shelves

Shelves or small tables are also a great way to stay organized in your entryway. If your guests have keys or other small items that they would rather not carry around, they can leave them on the shelve or entryway table. When they are ready to leave, the guest can collect them. If your shelves are sturdy enough and your tables are large enough, this is another great place to centrally locate purses. A hutch with doors is another alternative to store purses for safe keeping.

Stay Dry

Your guests will want to stay dry but that does not mean they need to drag rain water all over your home. Umbrellas can easily be stored in a container that will not keep the umbrella out of the way. But also keep any rain water from wet umbrellas inside the container rather than all over the floor.

Guests are great company and properly storing their belongings will be help keep your home looking neat. And make it easy for your guests to get their belongings on the way out.