Organizing Tips from Professional Organizer, Annette Reyman

Annette Reyman 1Annette Reyman owns All Right Organizing™ based in the greater Philadelphia area. Annette’s experience moving often with a her family understands the value of being organized, as well as, the value and principles of both preparing a home for sale and setting up a new space quick and painlessly.

Believing in organization as a means to achieving peace and freedom, Annette works to empower her clients by encouraging them to take control of their spaces and teaching them new techniques to get organized.

Annette is a member of NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) and focuses her time on speaking about organization, training her peers, and hands on organizing services. For tips on being better organized from Annette, read on.

HomeZada: What inspires you? 

Annette Reyman: Finding out what really inspires someone else and then encouraging them to free their spaces in order that they can embrace that inspiration in tangible ways in their lives.

HZ: What is the first thing you notice when you walk into a home?

Annette: I notice how spaces are being used. Are chairs used for sitting or holding laundry? Is there a table to eat at? Clear walking paths?

HZ: What is the first thing you would tell someone who is looking to become more organized?

Annette: I would tell them to write down the top 4 priorities in their life. Things like family, health, faith, relationships, career, hobbies or travel. Then I would ask them to look around their spaces and think about what supports those values and what impedes them.

HZ: What do you think is the most challenging organizing project that people seek help for? Why?

Annette: Time management can be a challenging issue to address. One reason is that we are often hesitant to adopt just one solution. Keeping a schedule in both a written journal and one or more online calendars or management tools is often impossible to maintain. Inevitably, appointments are missed. Commit to embracing one tool and use it daily for at least six weeks to find out if it is the right solution for you.

HZ:  What is the area of the home that could benefit from better organization?

Annette: I believe that organization is so important in the bedroom. This is where we start and end our days. An organized bedroom allows for a strong and positive beginning to the day, with decor that is meaningful and where basic necessities are readily at hand. At day’s end, it is a comfort to find a made-bed and a clear, peaceful space where you can rest.

HZ: What is a result of being better organized in your home?

Annette: Better organization at home supports and creates space for enjoying the people and interests that you love. Whether it’s sitting at a clear table to work on your favorite craft project or inviting an unexpected visitor in for a cup of tea, organization allows for the freedom to do what makes you happy.

HZ: What is your one quick tip that any homeowner can do to get the process of being organized started?

Annette: Make a practice of looking back. As you go to walk out of a room, stop at the threshold to turn and look back. Is there anything out of place that you can quickly put away? Have you left something behind that needs to leave the room with you, such as a plate or glass that you can grab before you go?

HZ: What’s one thing in your home you couldn’t live without and why?

Annette: Zip-top plastic bags. All shapes and sizes of them! From snack-sized bags to keep small parts from getting lost, up to extra large bags for storing seasonal blankets and clothing. Zippered baggies are a simple and handy way to sort and keep like items contained.