Getting Ready for a Party, How Do I Store Alcohol?

Store AlcoholTo refrigerate, freeze or not? A question often associated with storing alcohol. Most alcohol can be stored at room temperature and still taste wonderful. In fact, most liquors have a high alcohol content which enables them to be drinkable for long periods of time. This pertains to alcohol but not wine. Wine requires more careful temperature management and has a drink by date depending on the type of wine you purchased. Some alcohol is impacted more by light than temperature. For instance, whiskey prefers a dark room at room temperature to preserve its properties. 

Cold Storage

Storing alcohol in your freezer or refrigerator is not necessary unless you prefer cold liquors to sip and blend. Storing vodka in a freezer will keep it cold when you are ready to make your martini’s, but it is not necessary. And no, vodka will not freeze in the freezer due to the alcohol content. Placing flavored liqueurs in your refrigerator like limoncello, cherry liqueur, or any other type of sipping aperitif will actually enhance the flavors. Especially if you like a nice treat after or before your dinner. Or you like to serve a shot of this liquor over a scoop of ice cream. Yup, a tasty treat for dessert that can make everyone happy at your dinner party. This is for all adults. This method will also require no or little ice to make cocktails.

More ice used to make drinks can actually dilute the alcohol content. Personally, our HomeZada team also likes our tequila chilled … especially the good stuff. A nice sipping tequila chilled is delicious, but so is a slighted warmed tequila. There is no rule of thumb when it comes to specific liquors.

One thing to remember is that open bottles of liquor require closure when storing them. You need to seal the liquor in order for it to avoid complete oxidation and become completely undrinkable. Once your bottles are open, its time to get drinking and sharing some great cocktails with friends and family.