Getting Your Home Ready to List on Airbnb

Getting Your Home Ready to List on AirbnbSo you have decided that you wanted to make some extra money renting out a room or your entire home for a short period of time. And want to leverage sites like Airbnb to help get the word out that your home is available. This seems simple, but it does involve some tasks to make it happen.

First, you need to make sure you can rent your home for a short period of time. Some cities and their zoning laws prohibit renting homes or require a permit. Once you have established that it is a go, now its time to get the property listed. Start by taking amazing photos of your home to highlight it against any other properties. Quality photos get houses sold and rented, so if you need to hire a professional to make your home stand out, go right ahead. Airbnb also offers professional photography services if you need them.

Documenting the Details of Your Home

While you are taking these photos, take additional photos of your items around your home to formulate a home inventory. If something is damaged or missing, you have a record of your items to report back to all parties. In addition to documenting your home, make sure your insurance is up to date. Airbnb does not insure your property. You will be responsible for insurance and any specific damage. This is also a great time to put away valuables or lock them in a safe. This situation is the same as if you are in a hotel. If you want items protected, put them in a safe place where no one can find them. The Airbnb site will walk you through a series of questions to help describe your home and how to access your home from a guest’s perspective.

Home Operational Tips

Each one of us has those little quirks that happen in our homes. Whether it is a toilet valve that will not close properly until you lift up the tank lid and push it down or whether is a particular noise in your home. Guests will want to understand how your home works while they are visiting. So leave instructions on how the house works. How to turn on the television, the codes to get in and out of the garage, codes for alarm systems and more. Explain what is covered in your home’s usage, what is off limits and how to contact the appropriate individual in case of a challenge. Explain your clean up procedures and who will be there to clean up once your guests have packed up and left.

Also make sure your guests have a clean home, clean linens, and basic appliances to help them get through the day. A microwave, a stove, a coffee maker, and a refrigerator are the basic appliances that allow a guest to make their own meals. Making sure they have the necessary toiletries to make their stay comfortable is also important. They have chosen to stay at your home rather than a hotel which offers a lot of these items.

Remember items like trash bags and aluminum foil or other containers to store left over foods. Additionally, if your guests are cooking, tell them where the fire extinguisher is located. We want to make sure they are prepared for any accidents.

Local Suggestions 

Offer tips to local restaurants, suggested must visit sites, and other key areas of interest. These tips will go a long way to helping your guests feel right at home. With this information, you offer a personal concierge experience without the person. A little information about the history of your town will go a long way. We have a lot of history around the world and surprisingly many people are not aware of local history and lore.

What Not To Do

What not to do is also important for the safe guarding of your home. If you have a no smoking policy, let the guest know. If you have cars in the garage and they are off limits, be specific and tell the guests that the cars are not for driving. If you have noise ordinances or neighbors who do not like loud music or parties, tell them. If you allow pets, great. If not, make it clear. Include any specific what not to dos in your communication and reminders to make sure you have spoken to the guests.

Now you are off and running with a plan to get your home listed by Airbnb and to secure some new guests in your home.