How to Instantly Improve Your Laundry Room

Modern-clean-lined-laundry-roomLaundry rooms are a life blood in some houses. These areas often house a bustling amount of activity from not only cleaning clothes but in some homes these are the entry point into the home from a garage or side door. These areas may have access to the outside or also be a store a collection of coats, shoes, backpacks and sporting goods. Maybe a couple of pets and their food are located in this room. More and more activity happens while trying to continue to clean clothes. There are a few ways to instantly improve your laundry room space to make it a functioning space for the whole family, pets included.

Keep Your Counters Clean

If you have counters in your laundry room, a good practice is to keep them clean and free of clutter. Counters give you a good space to fold clothes, store the next days bags that easily can be grabbed when heading out the door and to keep any to do lists available and ready to act on. Counters can also be a central place to drop off items when entering the house. This is a great way to go through kids daily activities, as well as, adjusting your schedule for all the activities that unexpectedly appear.

Cabinets or Shelves

If you currently have cabinets and shelves in your laundry room, these are fantastic areas to store laundry cleaning products, pet food and leashes or grooming tools, and items like extra light bulbs, batteries and candles. Items that you do not use every day can be stored high, while daily use items can be on lower shelves helping you easily access these items.

Built Ins

Built in ironing boards, drying racks and hanging bars make a laundry room easier to leverage its space for the whole family. These built ins can easily be moved or put away making space for other items and activities. This also reduces the amount of storage you need in your laundry room.

Utility Sinks

Utility sinks no longer have to be the boring ugly sinks of past, but can be nice decorative elements to support the design of your home. Having a utility sink in your laundry room is good for hand washing delicate items, rinsing off dirty shoes before tracking mud throughout the home, and as a back up sink for parties you may host.

Message Board

Adding a message board to your laundry room can help keep you and the family organized. Whether you have a chalkboard or a white board or another type of board, a message board helps remind us of the multiple tasks and to dos we must conquer. It helps us remember our groceries and errands. It can also give us little happy notes for the entire family to see. All in all, a message board can come in handy to help us remember all that we need to accomplish with our busy schedules.