Preparedness during Tornado Season

tornadoThe T’s are taking over April. Taxes and tornadoes are present during this month and tornadoes have a potential to exist from now until October depending on where you live in the country. These two types of activities are generally not that fun, but with both you can prepare yourself for how to manage through each.

Tornadoes come as fast as they can and often with little warning. However, there are tasks the you can do in order to protect your home, property and family from experiencing too much loss.

  1. Identify a safe location for the entire family. If you have a basement or underground storage area, designate this area as the safe zone.
  2. Create a home exit plan to get everyone in the home to the safe location.
  3. Photo and Memory Storage: If you have photos or memories that you want protected, but would normally store in an attic, try placing these types of items in air tight containers and taking them to this safe location to preserve these types of memories. Or use online systems like to have access to your memories digitally.
  4.  Create a emergency preparedness kit. Include water, at least a three-day supply of non-perishable food, first aid kit, non-prescription drugs and some general tools and supplies
  5. Review your insurance policy once a year to make sure you have enough coverage to rebuild your home
  6. Create a home inventory. Studies show that most people have more possessions that they think. A good home inventory will speed up the insurance claim process and ensure insurance takes care of everything you lost.

Stay safe and aware of the potential risk of a tornado in your area.