5 Essential Tools for Home Improvement

Guest Blogger: Kevin Morse

Do you fancy yourself a home improvement aficionado? A DIY diva? A fixer upper? If you consider yourself any of these things, there are few tools that you may already have in your arsenal. If you do not already have them, it’s time for you to take a trip to Franklin Building Supply for help. Owning these tools will make it easier for you to do your next home improvement project. Everything from cutting your own trim to painting your walls will be much easier with the five essential tools for home improvement.

1. Air Compressor and Nail Gun

air compressor and nail gun

These two essential items can be purchased in a set or separately. The set usually makes more sense because it allows you to spend less money while essentially buying the items that you need in bulk. The nail gun is great if you are tired of pounding a hammer for hours on each project. It not only cuts down on the time it takes you to do a project, but it will cut down on the noise. You may even be able to DIY while the baby is asleep, but that depends on you being as quiet as possible.


air compressor and nail gun 2


An air compressor is an essential item in any home, whether you enjoy doing home improvement projects or not. It can do it all, from powering a nail gun to blowing up your childrens’ basketballs. It is an all around great tool to have in your home and will take up very little space in your garage. It is easy to use and does not require much maintenance. Many other home improvement tools depend on an air compressor to be able to work properly.

2. Rotary Sander

If you, like most DIY enthusiasts, have a lot of projects that need to be sanded to look great, you need to invest in a sander. Sanding by hand will not do the job and most of the time will leave the project looking less than professional. People will be able to tell that it is a DIY project and your arms will be sore from sanding for hours on end. A rotary sander takes the worry out of sanding. It is easy to use and sands a project in a fraction of the time it would take you to do it by hand.

rotary sanders

Rotary sanders allow the user to cover a lot of space in only a few minutes. It is essential that you buy a high quality sander. The cheap sanders often do not do the job and leave home improvement DIY-ers feeling frustrated. The cheap models can break and will not last as long as the more expensive models. Expensive does not always mean better so it is important to do your research.

People who have used a 5 inch sander often think they will be able to cover more ground with a 6 inch or larger sander. Buyer beware, though, the 6 inch sanders do not cover much more ground than the 5 inch ones and are harder to use. They do not fit easily in the palm of your hand and can be both awkward and cumbersome to move around your project. A 5 inch rotary sander is likely all you will need to keep your projects looking professionally sanded.

3. Miter Saw


miter saw


A miter saw is a great tool to have. Even if you use it only one time, it will likely pay for itself in that it will be able to cut things that may have cost much more money to have cut at a home improvement or customization store. The miter saws that are available come in two varieties. They can be the traditional type of miter saw or the kind the slides. Sliding saws are great for larger projects and do not cost much more money than the traditional type of saw. They are easier to use and allow more space to be able to work on projects. They can be used for cutting your own trim or other pieces of wood. The miter saw is a great addition to any toolbox or workshop and will be something you will rely on in many of your future DIY projects.

4. Circular Saw

If you want to cut lines that are both long and straight, the miter saw may not be your best bet. This is where the circular saw comes to the rescue and allows you to cut particle board, plywood and other long pieces of wood. It is a great tool to have if you are going to be hanging walls or if you are going to be laying floors. Circular saws may also be referred to as table saws, which simply means that they sit on a table and are easier to use because you don’t have to find a space to put the saw. If you do not have room for an entire table saw, you may be able to find other more compact circular saws.

circular saw

No matter which type of circular saw you choose, you need to make sure that you have a way to make straight cuts. Many table saws come with the attachment that allows you to make straight cuts. If you are using a simple circular saw, you must buy fencing that will keep your piece of wood in place and will allow you to make sure that the saw is cutting in a straight line.

5. Paint Sprayer

As one of the cheapest essential tools for home improvement, this is a must for any homeowner. Sprayers come in many different varieties and they are nearly all compact. Some sprayers are powered by air compressors while others have their own compressor attached. The ones that are powered by air compressors are often less expensive and work as an attachment to the compressor hose. There is even a sprayer you can purchase that attaches to pint sized mason jars. A sprayer will cut down on the time it takes you to paint your home, it will also create a finish that is more professional than a brush or roller would be able to do.

spray paint


Adding this small tool to your arsenal can have such a hugely positive effect. You will be able to spray nearly all of your projects and get them done much quicker. The spray creates a thin coat, just enough to cover what you are spraying. It will not take as long to dry as paint that has been rolled or brushed on. The finish that is achieved by a sprayer is also more evenly dispersed and has a smoother texture.

Whether you’re a first time do-it-yourself-er or a veteran builder, these are 5 essential tools that you must have in your arsenal. The versatility of these tools is limitless; in other words, you’ll use them often no matter what project you undertake. So stop by your local building supply store today!

About Author: Kevin Morse works at Franklin Building Supply, a one-stop solution for all the building supply needs. He loves to blog about Home Decor and DIY and often provides valuable suggestions for Home Improvement.