Top 5 Ways to Make Your Kid’s Playroom Spectacular

playroomKids’ playrooms are so much fun that they remind us adults of what it is like to be a kid again. If you have children, you can add some simple tasks or items to your kid’s playroom to get them more engaged in enjoying this space. Here are our top 5 tips to give your kids the best playroom experience.

Create it 

Adding chalkboard paint to a section of a wall or to an entire wall is a great way to bring out the creative member of your family. Chalkboards are also great ways to host pictionary type parties to help kids learn creative ways to communicate a topic and yet a manage to commit to time on playing the game.

Store it

Have you ever wondered what happened to that one piece of the toy that is lost somewhere? Or maybe you find legos all over your home? Keeping storage bins to keep toy components together will also help teach your kids the value of organization. One thing any parent does not want to do is step on something that makes a toy actually work and watch their children get frustrated.

Make it Soft

Using bean bags, poofs and pillows to create seating areas that can be turned into forts is a great way to add seats while also safely managing a child’s ability to bounce around their playroom. These types of soft seating can also make it easy for kids to move the furniture around to add to their building and design skills.

Highlight It

Kids come home with art work of all sorts, poems written in class, cards for mother’s and father’s day, and all sorts of items that express their talent. What better way to personalize the your kid’s playroom by highlighting their work and creativity. Add the pieces to walls, in frames on shelves or custom make pieces with work designed on the piece.

Read It

Reading is still such an important process for a child’s development. What better way to take an adventure than through a book. Make room for yourself in case you want to join the journey. Store a variety of books with a variety of topics to help your child gain experiences beyond their imagination!