Maintenance Tip: Replace Winter Bedding with Spring or Summer Bedding

 Replace Winter Bedding

This time of year is so much fun with spring weather giving way to warmer temperatures. There are so many wonderful tasks to tackle during spring cleaning, yet this is one of my favorites. Some may say that changing out your sheets is not a maintenance tip, but so many people forget to switch their sheets. So we decided to include this for you. Replace winter bedding with spring or summer bedding will help you sleep better in spring and summer. There is something about removing your winter flannel sheets for the crisp spring linens. It reminds us that warmer weather is heading our way with summer approaching.

In winter, our bodies need warmer sheets and possibly extra blankets. But our bodies change as the temperature changes. This maintenance tip focuses on the time to add light cotton sheets for a cooler night to allow our bodies temperature to adjust to the warmer weather. When your body temperature is at the optimal temperature, then you have an amazing night’s sleep! And our health, peace of mind and sheer grit counts on a good night’s sleep.

Changing your linens is probably one of the easiest cleaning tasks or maintenance tip that we can do. Yet often we forget to make the changes. A good nights sleep can make all the difference between a productive day or a tough to get through day!

Now it is time to pull back those covers, strip those sheets, throw them in the washing machine, add those fresh new light sheets and make your bed to perfection!