Using Rock to Enhance Your Landscaping

rockNatural elements exists everywhere we look, but one of the most common element is rock from the ground. Using different types of rock products to enhance your landscaping can bring a natural element, as well as, a beauty to your landscaping that contrasts with your lawn and flowers. This contrast can create separation of spaces or help manage terraced yards. Rocks can be used in a variety of ways to enhance your yard. Here are a few ways to add rock to create a new look to your yard.


If you want to add walkways that do not exist to your landscaping or maybe your walkways need a refresh so laying some new material may help give a boost to the area. Gravel is one solution to use on walkways. It is affordable and with small pebble like stones, you can comfortably walk on it. Gravel also comes in a variety of colors like traditional gray or a golden color. If you like a multi color effect try pea gravel, it is slightly tinier than traditional gravel.

Another solution similar to gravel but finer is, decomposed granite. Decomposed granite is also easy to walk on and has great drainage and will not become muddy. This look gives an Mediterranean look to any back yard. Slate chips are another option and these are exactly what the name sounds like, broken slate that is used to create pathways.


If you have a terraced yard, you may want walls to protect your home or the rest of your yard. You can use concrete or block to make a wall but additionally, you can use stone to bring an elegance or ruggedness to the area. Using fieldstone rocks which are traditional odd shaped rocks of significant size that can be used to build a wall is an affordable option when it comes to rock walls. Limestone and Goshen Stone are also rocks that make a great wall because generally they are flat and are stacked to create a uniform looking wall. All of these rocks come in a variety of colors, so ask for what color choices are available when considering a rock wall.


Patios can use a lot of different stone elements to create a floor for furniture, potters, and other areas outside. Pavers are cut to create a tile look for a floor or sandstone slabs are used to create a floor with a lot of dimension but still flat like tiles. Like walkways, pea gravel and decomposed granite can also be used to create a floor area for your patio.

Maybe you would prefer cobblestone or granite pavers to create a brick like look to your patio. Color is endless with all of these options. One suggestion is to think how you are going to use the patio and who will be walking on it and in what shoe capacity. If you are one to entertain a lot, having a patio that is easy to walk on will be important to you.


Rocks are a fantastic way to dress up a yard. You can use rocks to add borders to flower beds, to identify drainage areas, or to highlight a specific tree or bed or flowers. Even bringing in boulders to enhance an area in your landscape will draw attention to this area with the massive size rock sitting in your yard. You may need to use rocks for drainage beds. When creating a drainage bed, you can use river rock, beach pebbles or standard granite rocks to keep the flow of the water moving away from anything that can experience damage. Stay away from the smaller rocks as they could clog drainage areas or may not be big enough that the water will settle and flood other areas of your yard.