Real Estate Marketing at its Best

mary lou galeaMary Lou Galea, a realtor in St. Petersburg, FL uses HomeZada Professional to provide enhanced marketing for her listing clients. By using HomeZada Professional, Mary Lou provided a comprehensive view of the home with unlimited photos and an online room by room tour that helps buyers review the home as to what features are most important to them.

Additionally HomeZada Professional allows the seller to highlight their home improvement projects and maintenance to add value to the property in the marketing efforts. As the world continues to move digitally, gathering as much information about a home online prior to visiting the home will help buyers prioritize the homes that they really want to see and create efficiencies for the realtors and less inconveniences for the sellers because more qualified buyers are visiting their homes rather than those that are not interested.

Once the sale of the home is complete, then the seller or agent can give the digital home profile of the home to the new buyer enabling the buyer to take over the home maintenance schedule, have the projects documented, understand the warranty periods of any projects and review any owners manuals in digital format.

HomeZada Professional enables realtors to extend their brand beyond the sale showcasing their branding in the system when the data and account are transferred to the client also making it easy for the client to reach their realtor if any questions arise once the sale is complete. For more information about Mary Lou’s experience, please visit Florida Realtor Magazine.