New Mobile Apps for HomeZada Professionals

HomeZada Professional Mobile Screenshots

We are excited to announce the new mobile app for HomeZada Professionals. Yes, HomeZada Professionals can now take a home inventory for their clients using their mobile phones.  The app automatically creates all the typical rooms and items in a home and can then either control the phone’s camera to take new photos or bulk upload existing photos from an existing gallery.

The new HomeZada Professional Mobile app is available for both Android and Apple devices as well as a mobile web version for any phone with a browser.  You can download the free HomeZada Mobile for Android at the Google Play Store or the free HomeZada Mobile for iOS at the Apple App Store by searching for HomeZada.  For a mobile web version, just use your mobile phone and browser to access the HomeZada sign up page for a new account, or login if you have an existing account.

The new mobile app can manage an unlimited number of different properties for different clients and it gives the Professional the ability to create their own mobile ad displayed to their clients.  In addition, the Professional app gives the user the ability to transfer a complete digital copy directly to their client or to share the property with their client in a real time mobile to mobile method that helps support an ongoing professional service.

The Professional version of the HomeZada Mobile apps is useful for a number of different service providers:

Insurance Companies can use the Professional app to provide their homeowner policy holders a branded value added app to make sure they are properly insured and covered

Service Providers like organizers, property managers, etc. can create a home inventory for their clients insurance, estate planning, maintenance or moving needs

Real Estate Agents can use the Professional app to provide their clients a closing gift by providing them a premium subscription to HomeZada to manage all the digital information about their home.

Home Builders can create a digital record of all the photos, documents, owner’s manuals, and warranties of a new home and transfer it to their new client in their own HomeZada app

The HomeZada Professional Mobile App is a great new tool for both large and small companies who service homeowners by creating value added services that can help win new clients by providing differentiation.  In addition, Professionals can also increase existing business with current clients by improving renewal rates, extending their services to an ongoing basis, and increased referrals