Top 2016 Colors: Combining Metals & Interior Design Colors

Ever wonder what colors can make a difference in what rooms? This infographic came to us with not only color palettes, but the combination of metals and colors. The top 2016 colors are focused on muted colors. Colors like pink and blue, but also gold and green. Even a bold intense red was a popular color of 2016.

What it would look like to combine metals and interior design colors? Metals are a great way to accent a room. By incorporating color with specific metals, your room can really pop with excitement when anyone comes to visit. Some metals actually soften or strengthen a color depending on what metal you use. Each of these colors of 2016 have an effect on your mood and energy level. Learning to match metal and color palettes together will make you the expert on design and your friends just might be a little inspired to update their own homes with these combinations.

Check out what some of the colors can do for you in your home.

top 2016 colors