Home Improvements for Less

Ever find spare change lying around you houses, either in drawers or behind cushions? When all these coins and loose change add up, think about how you can use it for some last minute and affordable (really affordable) home improvements. Maybe your home improvement projects are a bit more than your spare change. So try using your spare change for cleaning tips or landscaping projects.

But seriously, these coins and a little time is all you need for some simple home improvements. These improvements could be fixing a piece of furniture to cleaning a stove hood. These could be simple tasks that get you outside in your garden. Cleaning up a garden can be fun and bring bright beautiful colors to your yard. Even get around your home and look at your storage areas. Are their solutions that you already have that you can re-purpose. For instance, an ice tray makes a great storage for earrings. What about investing in a fresh new laundry bin. Head to HomeGoods and with a few dollars, you have a new laundry hamper.

Adding some fresh new home decor pieces also makes it easy to add a new look to your home. Maybe you like seasonal decorations. These items can be found at your local Target store at a great price.

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