Lounging and Relaxing with Redwood Pergolas

Summer time is outdoor time. A Redwood pergola — with its beautifully-sweeping lines, sturdy materials and array of graceful design styles — can take your outdoor space from just there to spectacular. The following ideas are designed to kick your creative juices into high gear when it comes to outdoor lounging, dining, and relaxing spaces.


Wood Pergola Kits that feature lots of open space are the perfect addition to your yard when you want to lounge. Choose one with arched ceiling beams to add to the breezy feeling that you love so much. Lounge by your pool in beautiful and resplendent comfort. Slip in for a refreshing swim before taking advantage of the vast openness that pergolas are famous for. Of course, a pergola works just as well as a gorgeous addition to your hot tub lounging area, too. Simply position your outdoor furniture in close proximity to your hot tub and you have a fantastic place to unwind with friends and family while taking turns in the refreshingly soothing hot tub. Add an outdoor fireplace or a fire pit for added relaxation and ambiance and watch your stress fade away.

Redwood 1Dine

Make this year the summer that you transform your outdoor space into one that allows you to bring the tastes and fun of your kitchen outside. There’s no reason why you should be in the house prepping for dinner while your guests mill around outside without you or — worse — wait until you can join them before enjoying the warm weather of summer.

Start with your current backyard area or patio and let the creative juices flow. Map out a floor plan that includes a grill, smoker, outdoor sink, stove, refrigerator and whatever other elements excite you. Now move on to the actual dining area. Do you want one long buffet-style table or does small clustered groupings of tables sound more like your style? Can you envision everyone sitting on benches or do captain’s chairs or comfortable wicker furniture seem more like cup of tea? Once you know how big your outdoor kitchen is going to be and you decide on your ideal seating arrangements, then you can choose the right pergola that meshes well with your ideas. A fan-shaped pergola allows you to use that often overlooked corner space when you plan your outdoor dining spot.

Redwood 2Relax

What does relaxation mean to you? Does it mean getting back to nature and allowing yourself to become immersed in all of its wondrous beauty? A small pergola kit enables you to nestle right up to the foliage and fauna that makes you smile. With its gently arched frame, you can encourage climbing plants to adorn it in natural beauty so that it blends with its background.

For many people, swinging relaxes them quite unlike any other activity. An attached pergola provides a convenient place to install a hammock for quick trips outside to enjoy the gentle breezes as they rock you to blissful sleep. An attached pergola is also the perfect location for a bench swing. A Redwood pergola and swing combo lets you customize your outdoor space so that it reflects the ultimate in relaxation for you and your family. With your choice of four cozy and cheery swing styles, you can decide if you want your swing to blend in more naturally with the rest of your yard.

Alternatively, you can choose to have your swing become a focal point and build your outdoor relaxation station around it. Want your swing to be a cozy place where you and that special someone can reconnect after a long week? Choose a two seater swing. For a swing that is large enough to accommodate your kids and their friends, opt for the three person one instead.

Forever Redwood has been improving outdoor areas since 1995. With an eye to the natural and sustainable beauty that surrounds everyone, they offer a breathtaking assortment of gorgeous pergolas and pavilions. Contact them today and learn how you can transform your home into the perfect place to lounge, dine and relax this summer.

About Author: Raul D. Hernandez founded Forever Redwood in 1995 by purchasing 41 acres of logged forestland to focus on hands-on restoration. He incorporated the business in 1999, serves as its CEO, and wrote the manual “Old-Growth Again: Restoring Logged Forests One Tree at a Time.” Raul spends his time between the Redwood forests of Annapolis, CA, and the Forever Redwood woodworking shop in Ensenada, Baja California. Connect with him on the Forever Redwood Blog, Facebook, and Twitter.