Using Pendant Lights in Your Home Design

Pendant lights can add a unique design element to a home. Pendant lights are commonly used over kitchen islands, but what about nooks, desks, bathroom sinks, entry ways and dining room areas. Pendant lights can easily be changed and adding them to areas of your home, can change up the design quickly. Adding quirky elements to a room is easy with pendant lights, not to mention your visitors will think you are the best designer in the world for thinking out of the box.  Try these great options for creating pendant lights in your home.

Borrow it from your Kitchen

Using spatulas, colanders, mason jars or other kitchen items to create your own homemade kitchen pendant can let everyone know exactly what room they are in. Be careful with items that may not be able to take the heat of pendant lights, for instance if you leave pendant lights on constantly and have wooden spatulas, you may see some burn marks after a period of time. But if you turn on your pendant lights occasionally, then bring on the wooden spatulas. Old forks, spoons or any other type of silver wear could make a standout piece.



Raid your Jewelry Box

Use old necklaces to string along lights or charm bracelets to dangle along the most important adventures in life. Even gluing all those old buttons on a lamp shade to create a unique design for your kitchen or even your bathroom. Looking in your jewelry box might give you the added bling you need to your home. Try these pendant lamps over your night stand to add a sparkle.

unique pendant 6


Every where I turn, I see bottles being used in lighting pieces. Trying these techniques can work in any room. Additionally, glass bottles come in so many different colors that you can create masterpieces with every shade of bottle. Shape is another area that really increases the bottles diversity. With all the different bottle shapes, styles and colors, your imagination can run wild.

unique pendant 7

Create it from Scratch

Find yourself some old style keys and create a great pendant light for all areas of your home. These keys of success could really standout over your desk in your home office. Or other items around the house that could be more inspirational as a light.

unique pendant 8

Raid the Garage

There are probably tons of items in your garage that you do not use any longer or you have duplicate items. Try re-purposing these items for in home design. Garages are full of some amazing treasures that often go unused. Items like extra screwdrivers, buckets, socket wrenches (I must have 4 sets in my garage) and even sports equipment.

unique pendant 4