10 Tips for Better Bathroom Organization

Why do you ask do you need better bathroom organization? The lotions, creams, tools, first aid kits and more get stored in bathrooms and sometimes you never know what is used where on your person. Do I use this specially formulated lotion for my face or my hands? Does this hair tonic go on before or after I shampoo my hair? Are my prescriptions past their expiration date? These questions come up frequently and most of the time, we just forget about what is what and how to use the products in our bathrooms.

Out with the Old

It is time to throw out those medicines or that makeup that are old and past their shelf life. Prescriptions and over the counter medications no longer have the same effectiveness prior to their expiration date. Old makeup is just unsafe when using it on your skin and could cause irritation. Getting these overdue products removed will help clear the way for fresh new solutions.

Keep Like Items Together

Your counters and cabinets may be filled with products cluttering your space and you may not even know exactly what you have, so now is a good time to organize like items together. Keep your face products together, medicine and first aid items together, makeup and your brushes, nail polish items, and etc. Now you know what goes where and how and when to use it.

Move Items to Another Location

Maybe you have some cleaning supplies in your bathroom and you really need the space for your immediate and everyday bathroom needs. Moving items that you do not use every day in the bathroom to another location in your home (provided you have the space) could be very effective to creating more space in your bathroom.

Understand Your Space

Now is a good time to know exactly how much space you have for storing your mouthwash, your creams, and your potions. Maybe you have medicine cabinets, under counter space, linen closets, and counters. This may be all the space you need for your items or you may need to think outside the box. Using wall space or cabinet door space with some hanging organizers can help add more storage to your bathroom organization.

Create More Space

Using baskets on the floor to store items or small tables by tubs for bubbles can help keep a bathroom organized. If you have items that you can see in front of you, you are more likely to use them. Using containers and other organizing solutions are great ways to create more storage space.

Drawer Dividers

Another simple tip is to use drawer dividers to help quickly identify what you have in your drawers. Dividers can also help keep your drawers clean and your counters free from specific items making room for other items.  These dividers are also simple to clean, simply empty them, rinse with soap and water, let dry and put everything back in the drawer.

Use Baskets or Boxes

Using baskets to keep your related items together can also make it easy to find the items you need when you need them. Baskets can also easily be picked up from underneath a counter in order to search for the specific item you need. And they can add style to bathroom organization.

Don’t Forget the Shower

We have all been there, lots of items in the shower to get us clean, keep us smelling good and wash away the dirt. Using shelfs, free standing waterproof units or hanging organization tools can help store the good smelling shampoos and body washes.

Looking Good on Your Countertops

Adding apothecary jars or some beautiful boxes to your counters can help store Q-tips and cotton swabs. They can store toothbrushes and lip balms. Even store barrettes and hair ties. You can store all these little items in attractive containers for better bathroom organization and also give your bathrooms some design elements.

Adding Shelves

You may find that you need a bit more room to store everything in your bathroom, so adding shelves in your bathroom could be a great place for more towel storage or adding those decorative jars to hold your getting ready items.

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