HomeZada Product Tip: Protecting our Loved Ones with Distribution Details

Loving our family and the memories we made with them in our homes is important. Loving our homes and the items in our homes is also something that we take pride in. Sometimes our family members are interested in the items that we have secured over the years as they become family heirlooms or treasures to be cared for by the next generation. Prior to moving onto our next phase of life, we have an opportunity to indicate our distribution details methods for the items that we have acquired over the years. Distribution details of our prized possessions to a family member, a charity or any other entity is still in our control when we are focused and in good health.

With feedback from our clients, HomeZada has recognized that giving our clients the ability to track a home inventory item and then identify where this item is to be distributed after we are no longer of this earth, gives us and our family members clarity as to what will go where.

Distribution Field

To access this new feature, please visit any home inventory item, scroll down to the page until you reach a field labeled Distribution. In this field you can add a specific name of an individual, a charity, a trust or any other entity that you would like to leave this item to.

After you have assigned the item to someone or something, you will have the ability to add more notes about the item, more distribution details about how you want to distribute the itema and also any other information you think is important while conducting your estate planning. Here is an example of a chair that is being left to a granddaughter.

HomeZada Distribution Details