Decorating with Green, Inspired by St Patrick’s Day

decorating with greenSt Patrick’s Day is here! So let’s talk decorating with green! Top selling paint colors sold are generally very neutral paint colors. However, muted greens always find their way as some of the top paint colors sold. Colors like mint or moss green are neutral but still give a homeowner a shade other than brown or taupe. Light shades of kelly green and wasabi are popular green shades that are added to a home.

Here are some ideas to consider when using the color green in your home.

Meaning of Green

Many colors invoke personality. So if you are a green fan, what does this color say about you. As a green fan, you definitely like your independence. You are not one to let people tell you what to do. You want to be free to make your own decisions. You also love the outdoors and more than likely have a pleasant and serene disposition.

Depending on your favorite shade of green, you personality can be anything from balancing and affectionate to generous and diplomatic. And let’s not forget the lucky ones on this lovely St Patrick’s Day.

Waking up Your Walls

Painting walls a shade of green makes decorating with green easy. Some have referred to the muted shades of green we spoke of like mint and moss green as a new neutral color. Many bathrooms and family rooms add green walls because green evokes calm and serenity. Taking a bath with green walls and relaxing bubbles put anyone in a mind to de-stress.

Wood Finishes

Like walls, cabinets painted green add a sense of neutrality. But just enough pop of color that can make a plain room subtlety stand out. Bolder and brighter green finishes give a room a boldness but without the harshness of some of colors like red.

Adding Accents

With any decorating project, accent pieces are an easy way to try out a new color. Whether you choose to add a green valance in room with subtle yellow walls or you choose a kelly green rug against a beige floor, each of these will sure to brighten a room. Accent pieces like pillows on a sofa or table pieces that add the lucky color to a room.

Green is considered nature’s color. So adding natural accents along with the green pieces will help the green pop out. Another accent piece might be a favorite painting with lots of green in the piece that will craft an feeling of outside to your room.

During this lucky day, decorating with green can be a fun project. If you choose the more neutral aspects of green, you will be one with nature. And if you choose the brighter bolder greens like Pantone’s 2013 Color of the Year, Emerald, you may be asking for a regal place to call home.