Five Tips to Decorating a Small Space

Decorating a Small SpaceSmall spaces have a way of feeling over crowded or confined when simple principles to decorating a small space are missed. Many small spaces require some additional steps in decorating to help create a useful space and one that will appeal to you. When you come home, you want a sanctuary, not a land mine of stuff all over your floors. With these five tips to decorating a small space, you will be on your way to having a space that you can live in.

Storage is a Limited

When you have a small space, storage is limited. Therefore, storing items requires creativity. Look to shelving to walls or add items on top of other pieces of furniture. Create storage units under a bed for items like shoes, winter sweaters or even books.

Add furniture pieces that have storage components. Like a coffee table that has game and blanket storage in baskets beneath the flat table top. Or use an old dresser to store kitchen gadgets. While, the top of the dresser can be used to store keys and mobile phones when you walk in the door.

Multi-Purpose Pieces

Because small spaces have limited area for furniture. Look at pieces that can be used multiple ways. Try using a sofa bed for guests when they visit. Think about a dining table as a desk area when not eating together with your family. Use walls to hold flat screen televisions, basically acting as a television stand.

Nesting tables are a great option if you have limited space. These tables can act as side tables in a living room and also as a place to eat from. Nesting tables can also be used as a mini desk when you need to work on your computer.

Use Mirrors

If you want to make a small room look big, add a mirror. Hanging mirrors or using over sized mirror propped up against a wall can make a room look like you are in two of the same room. Mirrors will extend your view of your space and give others a sense that they are in a much larger space.

Go Light in Color

Painting your walls a light or neutral color will help your rooms look bigger. Dark colors can sometimes feel confining in small spaces. Dark colors also make a room look very dark at night and you could end up feeling constrained. Light colors can also brighten up a space and provide a warm feeling which can be soothing.

When using light colors, you may also want to keep simple prints or plain styles to your walls. The more prints and variation to your walls and large pieces of furniture, the more you can get lost in the space.


Now this tip to decorating a small space is simple. It requires that you remove items that you are not using in your small space. We sometimes think that we need more storage in our small spaces, when in fact, we need to remove things. Decluttering a space regularly will help you maintain a clean and well decorated small space.