Creative Playroom Organization Ideas

When it comes to keeping things organized, the usual mantra is to close them up and keep them hidden, sorted, while leaving everything looking neat. Perhaps with the exception of a piece of accent decoration. This usually doesn’t work with a play room. As part of the fun of having a playroom is to display all the cool games, books, toys, and various other memorabilia in full view. The issue then comes with how to keep toys organized for the ultimate in playroom organization without collapsing into chaos. Here are some tips on creative playroom organization without becoming a chore to clean.

All hail the cube shelf

If you want something that stores things while looking classy, the cube shelf is a top one.

Playroom Organization



The mighty IKEA Kallax is the archetype’s workhorse, but plenty of other options are available for playroom organization. You don’t even have to use cubes! Rectangles can provide a modern look while still giving space to hold games and toys.

Smaller units can also be wall-mounted, going around televisions or monitors and depending on the size and shape of the cubbies, can be used to store video games and DVD cases, or even video game consoles themselves. Throw in a little accent lights and you’ve got yourself an arcade look. Some variants even come with glass doors, minimizing the need to dust. They can also be used as display cases for prized collectibles.

Reclaiming vertical space

Playroom Organization

Apart from the wall-mounted shelving we mentioned earlier, there’s often tons of vertical space in a playroom that goes unused. Floor storage in the form of store and slide plastic tubs can fit under cabinets, couches, day beds, tables, and shelves.

These can have decent storage volume and are good for irregularly shaped objects that would otherwise throw off the look of a room, because they’re designed to be kept out of sight. They’re also portable if the gaming needs to travel! Vertical space can also be reclaimed inside drawers and shelves through the use of stack-able boxes, drawer dividers, and other such organizers to maximize the use of existing installations.


We’ve looked at the big picture, but keeping small things organized is where dividers are your best friend.

Playroom Organization

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Whether boxes with built in dividers or the new options with removable dividers, these containers will help organize toys and toy bits and pieces.  Another option is do-it-yourself options using spare cardboard and plastic dividers to create storage units. If you’re not a fan of plastic storage, these systems do come in wood options.

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